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Dr. Catherine Waltz

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Dr. Catherine Waltz's experience and outreach since 1979 gained her local and national recognition. Throughout her career, Dr. Waltz has amassed a list of credits focused in the domestic violence arena.  Dr. Waltz has worked in the battered women's movement since 1983.  She was a psychotherapist in eastern Kentucky and was the founder and first Director of Safe Harbor (a domestic violence shelter started in Ashland, Kentucky) in 1983.  After working in the Cayman Islands for two years, she became the Clinical Program Coordinator for the Family Violence Program at Nova Southeastern University from 1990 to 1994.

From 1994 to 1997, Dr. Waltz was appointed to the Florida Governor's Commission on Minimum Standards for Batterer's Intervention Program for domestic violence abusers. Her expertise led to her becoming an expert witness, providing testimony in cases involving domestic violence and has served as a consultant to a variety of domestic violence programs.

In 1996, she was named Social Worker of the Year by the Broward Unit of the National Association of Social Workers for her outstanding work in this community.

Besides domestic abuse issues, Dr. Waltz has worked with men and women on a variety of problems including anxiety, stress, depression, relationships and loss. She uses both counseling and clinical hypnotherapy techniques (including Rapid Trauma Resolution) to achieve results when dealing with most difficult issues. Many of her patients cite immediate and definitive examples of progress with Dr. Waltz.

Dr. Waltz has been published numerous times in professional journals such as the Florida Bar Journal and the American Bar Associations Family Advocate. She has provided clinical services in West Virginia, Kentucky, the Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale, where she continues to practice today.

Dr. Waltz has been providing public education programs since 1983.  Since 1992 has been presenting continuing education programs to professional clinical social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists and numerous other health/mental health professionals in national and international venues.


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